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Where are fossil fuels threatening our icons of the natural world?

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The extraction, transport and burning of fossil fuels is putting unacceptable pressure on many beautiful and critical places. Here’s just a few we want to highlight:

Fossil fuels place global icons at threatFossil fuels place global icons at threat

The Great Bear Sea is no place for an oil pipeline in a region that supports more life per square meter than any place on earth

Pantelleria is the largest volcanic island of the Sicily channel. Lava fields, yes. But no place for oil fields

Green turtles are forced to feed in waters exposed to oil spills.Now they suffer serious health issues such as liver, kidney and brain damage.

Palawan island – Two world heritage sites and one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. Palawan is no place for a coal-fired power station.

Western gray whale – Drilling is destroying the main feeding ground of this species and threatening the survival of the last remaining 130 individuals.

Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park and a treasured World Heritage Site, is being threatened by oil exploration


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