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Willow trees being grown as biofuel, Scotland, UKWillow trees being grown as a source of renewable biofuel energy next to the Steven’s Croft biofuel power station in Lockerbie, Scotland, UK.

Hi, I’m Katia Maia. I’m WWF’s Global Campaign Manager for Seize Your Power.

Before joining WWF I was working for Oxfam and I had the chance to witness the cruel impact of climate change in poor countries, and how devastating it is for the lives of millions of people living in poverty across the world.

Climate change is also the biggest threat to biodiversity and species in the world: around one third of animal species and a half of plant species are now at risk.

It’s an unavoidable fact: climate change is one of the main threats for the future of our civilization and our planet.

What is this campaign is all about?
The answer is simple, but scary: we want to build a more equal, fair and sustainable future by changing the way we power our societies; it’s about transforming the world for the new generations by changing the world for the current one.

We want to shift the millions and millions of dollars that are currently invested in a dirty, dangerous and unfair energy system that is a threat to our civilization: fossil fuels.

Seize Your Power is a personal call from all of us: we ask of our governments, banks, financial institutions and pension funds to support renewable energy and phase-out the investments in fossil fuels.

It’s not OK that the world continues to waste billions of dollars on inefficient and dirty fossil fuels, locking us into the same situation and contributing to a worse future, let alone financing the impact of fossil fuels on pollution, health and land conflicts.

We have solutions for the energy challenges of today: It is time to have a transparent discussion about what kind of investment we want for our future and how to change it now!

It’s time for citizens to be part of this discussion and act on it. This campaign can’t succeed without you.

We need you now, more than ever.

Join us, sign the pledge. Seize Your Power!

Katia Maia
Seize Your Power Global Campaign Manager

Katia MaiaKatia Maia

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  • Monica

    Hi Katia!

    It’s great to see WWF advancing this campaign. My name is Monica and I’m working with Toronto on a divestment campaign that is part of the Fossil Free movement that’s spreading through North America. 11 cities, 1 major university (San Fran State), a handful of churches and state colleges have all pledged to divest from tar sands, coal, and fossil fuels in general. It’s a bit awkward leaving such a message as a blog comment, but I’m wondering if WWF might be able to help spread the word about divestment as a complement to investing in renewables!!! Alternately, if you could suggest a contact at WWF I could email or call to discuss this further, that’d be great!


    • zoecaron

      Hey Monica,

      Yes, divestment is a part of our campaign. The institutions and government of focus, and the call to action (invest in renewable energy, divest from fossil fuels, or both) is up to each of our offices based on their regional context – yet each with the same focus on changing the balance of investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

      To discuss further, please do be in touch. I am based in our Norway office. Please feel free to call 2203 6500 and ask to speak with me.