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Fossil fuels are history: why renewable energy is all we need

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Jamie Ardagh, an Eigg crofter and Eigg Electric employee beneath the four wind turbines, Scotland's west coast, UKJamie Ardagh, an Eigg crofter and Eigg Electric employee beneath the four wind turbines, Scotland’s west coast, UK

We couldn’t possibly survive without oil, coal and gas, right?

Wrong. Renewable energy sources are a viable alternative, and the world is already turning towards new, clean, sustainable energy sources.

New renewable energy electricity investments have surpassed oil, coal and gas for the first time in history.

Now is the time to consign fossil fuels to the history books.

100% possible: renewables can meet all our energy needs

Clean energy is already here. The technology to produce energy from the sun, the wind and the Earth’s heat is already here. Tomorrow’s energy is here, today.

We commissioned Ecofys – a respected energy consultancy – to assess the potential of renewables to meet the world’s energy needs.

Their verdict?

Based on existing technologies and using realistic projections, Ecofys established that, by 2050, we could supply everyone on the planet with the energy they need, with 95% of this energy coming from renewable sources.

Fossil fuels: nearly extinct?

Supplies of cheap, conventional oil and gas are declining while our energy demands continue to increase.

If everyone consumed as much energy as the average Singaporean and U.S. resident, the world’s oil reserves would run out in 9 years. That’s based on estimates of proven oil reserves. Many of these oil reserves are located in the world’s most pristine places such as tropical rainforests and the Arctic.

But fossil fuels are not the only energy in town.

Instead of going to ever greater lengths to extract fuels which pollute our environment and warm our climate, why don’t we begin a complete transition to the clean, sustainable energy sources which are viable today?

Now is the time to shift to renewables

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that approximately $3.7 trillion or more must be invested in renewable energy from 2011-2020 to stay within 2°C, the accepted limit for dangerous climate change.

The numbers are staggering but the total yearly investment needed to move us toward the 2°C threshold represents approximately 1% of the overall annual global energy market.

There’s an estimated gap of $220 billion above business-as-usual-investments in renewable energy needed by 2017.

Renewable energy is gaining ground, but time is short and greater investment in renewables is needed now.

Seize Your Power

You can help tip the balance towards renewable energy.

Sign the pledge and ask governments, financial institutions and investors to stop business-as-usual investments in toxic fossil fuels, and commit to the future of energy.

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  • Ozayr Mahomed

    WWF Please Contact Me Urgently On 0767860821

  • Jan Lindström

    “Renewable” is NOT the same as environmental friendly. There are issues with the rare earth metals needed for the wind power. Solar panel production is far from environmental friendly and neither of these techniques can work without back-up energy, often fossile based! And, even the most optimistic projection from genuine experts without an agenda, estimate that renewables will not exceed 20% of the global energy production. Also, there are issues in the hypothesis backing the “dangerous” 2K temperature increase. In reality, observations do not support such a claim. No statistically significant global temperature rise for 17 years in spite of record level CO2 emissions. (No, I´m NOT associated with BigOil or the like, only genuinly concerned that WWF has abandoned its intial goals a long time ago and is now more or less stormtroopers for interests that have no regard for democracy or the environment.