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Do you know your myths from your facts?

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How good are you at telling what’s a myth and what’s a fact? What is true or false?


This week we’re celebrating the launch of our brand new game Mythcrackers as part of our Seize your Power campaign.

The Seize Your Power campaign wants to build a more equal, fair and sustainable future by changing the way we power our societies. We want to shift the millions and millions of dollars that are currently invested in a dirty, dangerous and unfair energy system that is now a threat to our civilization: fossil fuels.

Energy derived from the sun, the wind, the Earth’s heat, water, biomass and sea has the potential to meet world’s energy demand in a sustainable way. Harvesting our energy from renewable sources can raise significantly social and environmental prosperity by securing affordable, reliable and clean energy for everyone.

Unfortunately, despite the multiple benefits, the subject of renewable energy is still subject to common myths and misconceptions; either promoted by vested interests, unawareness or indeed wrong information. There are lots of myths that surround renewable energy.

Myths about renewable energy distort people’s thinking about the feasibility of a transition to a truly clean energy future.

As we believe that realizing transformational change in the energy system will largely depend on a shift in public choices and perception about renewables, we have built Mythcrackers to help tell the story of renewable energy and to fix the facts.

Renewable energy has come a very long way in the last few years and as a result; some of the arguments people used to use against investing in renewable energy are now out of date.

People need to know this, and we need your help to spread the word.

What are you waiting for? Seize you Power and get involved today, start playing now and help us crack some of the most common myths about animals, people and the planet!

A clean energy future is possible if you Seize You Power!

Play Mythcrackers

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