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Cities ready to seize their power- commitment to renewable energy solutions builds up.

Today, cities joined together in committing themselves to WWF’s Seize Your Power pledge calling for the redirection of investments away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. They banded together in a commitment to ‘a future powered by nature’, demonstrating their support in what is a global and growing movement toward clean and sustainable cities, […]

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World’s Largest Fund to Review Climate Change Impact

Norway has just made a stride forward on coal, oil and gas investments and climate change. Global institutional investors must do the same, and Norway must now lead on clean, renewable energy investments. For the past two months a proposal has been on the table in Norway to make a historic move to divest its […]

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Sundarbans seizes the power of sun

(From Left- The sundarbans delta region; The battery charging station at a village common space; A woman bringing her batteries for recharge; The off grid centralised solar power station; Girls going to a high school also lit with solar power;  Two villages of the Sundarbans delta region in east of India, comprising 140 households, nearly 30 […]

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Jamie Ardagh, an Eigg crofter and Eigg Electric employee beneath the four wind turbines, Scotland's west coast, UK

Fossil fuels are history: why renewable energy is all we need

We couldn’t possibly survive without oil, coal and gas, right? Wrong. Renewable energy sources are a viable alternative, and the world is already turning towards new, clean, sustainable energy sources. New renewable energy electricity investments have surpassed oil, coal and gas for the first time in history. Now is the time to consign fossil fuels […]

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