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4 Ways the World Has Changed

Climate change has changed how the world works. It is also starting to change the choices of investors. For the first time, a clear financial perspective on moving investments in the face of climate change has been released. Last week, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a new white paper in the context of climate change, called […]

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What Could be the Biggest Win for Renewable Power this Decade

The world now gets 22% of its power from renewable sources – energy from the wind, sun, water and earth. According to a new report, we may be able to overcome one of the remaining bottlenecks: energy storage.  Power is produced when the sun shines, the wind blows, or the water flows. Storing that power in batteries […]

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Renewables: From impossible to possible

Imagine the headline: “Africa to Add More Renewables in 2014 Than Past 14 Years” It just happened. ©  Lifehack Quotes, Nelson Mandela A new report released yesterday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows us that the world is changing very quickly.  You can have a conversation today about power from the sun and wind that you could […]

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100 Stories that Will Change Our World

By Stefan Henningson, Senior Adviser Climate Innovation, WWF International The train I’m on takes me to Oslo today as it is the day for the launch of SUSTAINIA 100. It will profile 100 exciting, inspiring stories of innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. These stories are shaping a better future for people and the planet than the […]

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Can we invest in harmony with nature?

There are two facts that I wake up thinking each morning: 1)     Avoiding dangerous climate change will save one third of animal species on this planet from being at risk of extinction. 2)     Avoiding dangerous climate change requires that the energy infrastructure in place by 2017 is sufficiently in clean energy and energy efficiency. It […]

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Investors & Experts Call on Norway to Move Ahead on Renewables Investments

Two opinion pieces were released in the past 24 hours in Norway commenting on today’s vote in Norway’s parliament on a proposal for its sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, to invest directly in renewable energy and to end investments in coal. Also being put to a vote today is the government’s original white […]

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World’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Faces Vote on Renewables

It has been a year of global change as investors begin to move money out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy – one of the most needed actions on climate change. One of the potential key players is Norway, home of the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, which today faces a vote of whether it could be mandated to invest directly […]

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What my pension fund, retirement plan, job, birth country and home have in common

Zoë Caron, Campaign Lead – Internal Stategy, Seize Your Power, WWF’s GCEI This week a new report came out from the Carbon Tracker Initiative, revealing that there is $1.1 trillion USD of investment between now and 2025 that are at high risk if the world begins to take climate change seriously.  This organization focuses on finance, […]

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How the African Development Bank can change the world

Humanity is waking up to the damage that fossil fuels inflict on our planet, and financial institutions are becoming aware of the economic unsustainability of our addiction to coal, oil and gas. This is taking place at a critical juncture, when investors’ decisions will affect our world for generations to come. In less than a […]

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